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Essay About Corporal Punishment

CORPORAL PUNISHMENT - philosophical study
Philosophical study demolishing the arguments usually put forward against corporal punishment.

Essay About Corporal Punishment

There are a number of settings in which corporal punishment has been used, but my focus will be on homes and schools. Overview of the post-war use of judicial cp in this independent british offshore island. Some, but not all, of the force of the argument at hand is derived from glossing over these differences.

The main methodological problem is that the studies are not experiments but post facto investigations based on self-reports. Treating males and females equally with regard to corporal punishment would have the added benefit of countering the cult of machismo that sometimes surrounds physical punishment. I have no hesitation in joining the opposition to such practices, which are correctly labeled as child abuse.

While a child might not want to perform these activities, and so requiring them would be to inflict a hardship, one would be reinforcing the childs resistance to these practices. They do not first employ milder forms of punishment but rather resort to the cane in the first instance. It is, of course, a concern that some parents or teachers might derive sexual gratification from beating children, but is it a reason to eliminate or ban the practice? Someone might suggest that it is, if the anticipated sexual pleasure led to beatings that were inappropriate -- either because children were beaten when they should not have been, or if the punishment were administered in an improper manner.

It is true that some scale could be introduced without corporal punishment. Next there is a cluster of arguments about the relationship between corporal punishment and teacher-pupil relations. I have suggested a battery of arguments against the opponent of corporal punishment.

They suggest that corporal punishment escalates into battering,5 or at least increases the risk that those who punish will cross the line to physical abuse. Other considerations, including possible advantages of corporal punishment, would have to be taken into account. This opens the way for another objection in this cluster of arguments-that physically punishing children leads to an unquestioning acceptance of authority.

Punishing children when they do wrong seems to be one important way of doing this. A doctor had to prescribe painkillers, laxatives, sleeping pills and ice packs. If children are to be hit it should be only infrequently and then so as to cause pain without injury. The external links for school cp, judicial cp and domestic cp are classified by country within each type. There is a possible response to my arguments.

CORPUN - World Corporal Punishment Research

Facts and reports on corporal punishment in schools, prisons, and institutions, and as a judicial penalty, past and present, in all countries of the world.

Essay About Corporal Punishment

Corporal punishment - Wikipedia
Corporal punishment of children has traditionally been used in the Western world by adults in authority roles. Beating one's child as a punishment was recommended as ...
Essay About Corporal Punishment Facts and reports on corporal punishment in schools, I shall not attend to this argument here. All press cuttings or other factual material relevant to corporal punishment gratefully received. This opens the way for another objection in this cluster of arguments-that physically punishing children leads to an unquestioning acceptance of authority. A number of issues mediate the application of the theories to the question of corporal punishment. With links to over 20 press items and several previously undiscovered pictures, and extracts from two of his publications. There is some value in having a scale of punishments of discernibly increasing severity. There is a possible response to my arguments. Moreover, because the available evidence shows no serious harm from mild and infrequent corporal punishment, there seem to be poor grounds for suggesting that for retributivists the punishment should be regarded as unacceptably severe. This is because i take the theoretical background to be largely beyond the scope of this paper.

    However, it is also partly attributable to the form this paper has taken. Up to now i have considered in turn each of the objections to corporal punishment. They are and appear to be more of a loss of temper and control than a punishment. Not only would the child continue to dislike working or helping in the community, but he would come to associate these activities with punishment. Steven shaw and jeffrey braden, race and gender bias in the administration of corporal punishment, school psychology review 19 (1990) 378-83.

    Finally, while we might expect increased frequency to improve the deterrent effect, there is good reason to think that the reverse might be true. Some positive arguments for this form of punishment were also raised. However, the argument would have no force against a retributivist theory, according to which a punishment can be deserved whether or not it is effective. If corporal punishment does indeed have some benefit, then this would be lost if the practice were abandoned. If the argument were sound, it would be significant for those whose justification of punishment is consequentialist.

    In the case of young children especially, it seems that the element of shame would be less than that of adults given that the capacities for shame increase between the time one is a toddler and the time one becomes an adult. For further arguments in favour of a return to judicial corporal punishment in the uk, see to be alerted when there are significant new data here awaiting your next visit. The fact that there are some parents and teachers who inflict physical punishment in an abusive way does not entail the conclusion that corporal punishment should never be inflicted by anybody. Official and less official flogging, caning and spanking down to the present era. These findings are far from decisive, but they caution us against hasty conclusions about the abusive effects of corporal punishment. However, before turning to any of this, some preliminary remarks will help to focus the subject matter i shall be discussing. I am happy to stipulate the absence of physical injury because the claim that all corporal punishment results in such injury is more demonstrably false. Our response then, is to lay down guidelines to curb any abuses that might ensue. To know how effective punishment is one must know what the incidence of the wrongdoing would be if prior punishments for it had not been inflicted. The implements used to punish scotlands students in both recent and more distant times, and some case studies.

    If corporal punishment advocates are correct, then the abandonment of spanking will significantly increase violence and criminal activity among the next ...


    By Jordan Riak View/print Plain Talk about Spanking as: 9-page PDF; HTML; Printer's spread PDF; Read comments. by professional users. Corporal Punishment Makes ...
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    Where this happens, it is claimed, the child is given the violent message that violence is wrong. If children fear their teachers, they are unlikely to ask questions or challenge views that their teachers present to them. Corporal punishment in american education (philadelphia temple university press, 1979). People and violence in south africa (cape town oxford university press, 1990), pp. Some might suggest, for example, that girls ought to be treated more gently than boys because girls have a more delicate constitution.

    It is well known that often minority groups and especially males receive a disproportionate share of corporal punishment. It is a reductio because this conclusion is absurd Buy now Essay About Corporal Punishment

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    I am well aware that the responsibility for childrens wrongdoing is all too often placed exclusively at the door of children themselves, without due attention to the influences to which they are subjected. However, there is a danger that in rejecting this incorrect evaluation, teachers (and parents) will be blamed for all shortcomings in children. On a retributivist theory, for any punishment to be just it must be inflicted only on guilty parties and then only in proportion to the wrongdoing. However, if this is the concern, surely the fitting response would be to place limitations on the use of the punishment and, at least in schools, to monitor and enforce compliance. However, if children are punished for genuine wrongdoing -- lying, cheating, stealing, bullying -- then the message is that this behavior is unacceptable Essay About Corporal Punishment Buy now

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    Teachers who regularly and severely hit pupils are feared, not respected (though characteristically such teachers are unable to distinguish between the two). However, i think that an unease about corporal punishment is perfectly compatible with my theoretical position. It is true that corporal punishment involves the application of direct and intense power to the body, but i do not see how that constitutes a more severe lowering of somebodys standing than employing indirect and mild power in the course of a strip-search, for example. There are some significant differences between the home and school settings. The chances of having suicidal thoughts, according to this study, decreases marginally with one incident of corporal punishment during adolescence, then rises slightly for three to five episodes of corporal punishment Buy Essay About Corporal Punishment at a discount

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    In the case of very young children i am inclined to agree. However, there is already some evidence of the deterrent effect of corporal punishment, at least with very young children. I am aware that medical examinations are necessary in a way in which corporal punishment is not, but corporal punishment might nonetheless fulfill an important function. Thus it is perceived as exacerbating the very problems from which it arises. However, i cannot discount the possibility that some will think that gender differences are relevant.

    They are then required to fetch the detained child at a later time, which may be inconvenient. Utilitarians are also concerned about punishing only the guilty and in proportion to wrongdoing, even if their concern about these conditions is merely instrumental and so theoretically overridable Buy Online Essay About Corporal Punishment

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    An overview of american school (and college) paddling in the present and the recent past, with relevant documents, pictures and external links. The study is not specifically about corporal punishment. The detention may well cause the hardship, but that is quite different from punishing it. Some positive arguments for this form of punishment were also raised. Can you send me a full information pack as soon as possible? Although this website contains mainly factual material, expressions of argument and opinion also have their place, provided they are clearly labelled as such.

    What do the entries in friends reunited tell us about corporal punishment in uk schools in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s? Includes a top fifty cp schools feature based on the number of mentions of cp for each school Buy Essay About Corporal Punishment Online at a discount

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    The index then rises five points for nineteen instances of corporal punishment. I have argued that the objections to mild and infrequent corporal punishment fail because there is insufficient evidence for their premises. It is these arguments that lie behind the adage violence breeds violence. Straus, beating the devil out of them, chap. In other versions, only one party -- usually but not always the beater -- may experience sexual excitement through the beating.

    But, of course, we do not punish the family. Given that even the data suggesting that very rare instances of mild corporal punishment do have some negative effects also suggest that the effects are not substantial, there is a strong likelihood that they could be overridden by other considerations in a consequentialist calculation Essay About Corporal Punishment For Sale

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    The increments on his mean symptoms index of depression are only slight for one or two instances of corporal punishment during ones teen years. Contrary to the views of those who oppose all physical punishment, it is not implausible to think that such punishment, if inflicted under the appropriate conditions, might do some good. To establish this, much more research needs to be done. Although there is evidence that excessive corporal punishment can significantly increase the chances of such psychological harm, most of the psychological data are woefully inadequate to the task of demonstrating that mild and infrequent corporal punishment has such consequences. There are now about 1,800 of these handbook links, covering australia (1), bahamas (2), barbados (5), ghana (7), grenada (1), kenya (2), malaysia (9), nigeria (3), northern mariana islands (2), pakistan (2), philippines (2), singapore (106), south africa (3), tanzania (1), zambia (2), zimbabwe (4) and the usa (about 1,600) For Sale Essay About Corporal Punishment

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    People and violence in south africa (cape town oxford university press, 1990), pp. Equally punishing boys and girls undermines rather than perpetuates gender stereotypes. Study of an experiment at a high school in georgia, usa, where paddling was reintroduced, for minor infractions, but purely as an option freely chosen by the student instead of detention or in-school suspension. Some might suggest, for example, that girls ought to be treated more gently than boys because girls have a more delicate constitution. A punishment might have some deterrent effect without being extremely effective.

    I cannot see any reason for thinking that infrequent and mild corporal punishment would be likely to have any of these effects Sale Essay About Corporal Punishment



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